Friday, 22 April 2011

Unusual Panzerjäger continued...

Clockwise from left: Mystery, Pz I A, PZ I B and Pzjäg I.
After floating the matter at TMP it has been suggested that this vehicle may well be a Panzer I with a PaK 36 replacing the turret.  This would make sense as the Pz I was still in action during 1942 and would be far more useful as an improvised self-propelled mounting than as a tank or reconnaissance vehicle.

With this in mind I have been poking around looking for photos of the Panzer I (models A & B) from a similar angle.  Results as per the crude photo-montages.

Clockwise: Mystery, PZ I A & PZ I B.
I am not convinced.  It is certainly not an Ausf B as the rear muffler just isn't there (see Panzerjäger I also) However, is it an Ausf A?  Well, at first I thought it may be but the "A" had twin mufflers on the rear mud-guards.  There is indeed a tubular looking item on the right mudguard bit this is in the wrong place (too far forward) and the wrong shape.

Could it be a Panzer I but have the gun facing the rear?  Possible but to me the angles look wrong, as does the "vertical" plate which is not tall enough.  I would say the clincher against this is that the vertical and side plates are at right angles whereas the Panzer I had "bevelled" corners.

The picture is poor and could indeed distort things but I am still at a loss!

Very perplexing.

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