Sunday, 10 April 2011

New product from Preiser-Figuren

Excellent looking figures, very useful for wargaming.
Preiser-Figuren of Rothenburg are best known for their extensive range of model-railway figures.  However they market a military selection as well.

Although mostly 1:87 scale, to compliment the European "HO" gauge railway systems, there is a limited "OO" / 1:72 range that includes some interesting figures eminently suitable for the diorama builder.

Having a look through the pdf catalogues, I was surprised to see three new sets that appear to be ideal for tabletop use.  Numbered 72550-552 these depict winter clad soldiers in various combat poses.  Personally, I would find the two German sets the most useful but the Soviet-German combat box is also pretty good.  Anatomy is far more realistic than the usual wargames fare and would be a great match for the likes of AB Figures.

Perhaps better suited for skirmish games?
Slated to be released after the 2011 Nürnberg Toy Fair, these should  be available presently.  I have written to Preiser to clarify if this is so.

Estimated price is approximately €9.00 per dozen figures so pretty good value.  That is as long as these are hard plastic rather than bendy polythene - yet to be confirmed.

Certainly one to watch.


  1. OO might be better described as 1:76.

  2. That is very true Catweasel - I suspect that Preiser have decided to hedge their bets labelling the figures OO / 1:72 - it will attract two distinct audiences.

    That said, I wonder how many railway layouts would want to feature a skirmish on the side!

  3. Definitely interesting, will have a look through the catalogue.

  4. they have done some strange stuff almost as though they cant decide what they are going to do. the first releases were 1:87 to go with H0 trains which is more what prieser are known for. i've got some panzergrenadiers which are labelled as 1:76 which go perfectly with pegasus 1:76 early war germans to the point of sticking some prieser arms on pegasus bodies. if they have labelled these new releases as 1:72 i would assume they would be that scale as everything i've seen from them is very scale accurate. the 1:76 are nice but very fragile. i had also noticed that the poses are very similar to revells latest WWII german efforts, perhaps the same sculptor?