Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ersatz Stummel - in the resin / metal

I have just pulled a couple of models for comparison.  The metal one is a "Chieftain" Sdkfz 250 converted to 250/8 "Alte".  This vehicle was actually made and saw action on the Ostfront.  However it is pure guesswork as to whether the gun was countersunk into the glacis or mounted on top of the hull.  I decided to go for the option similar to the early Sdkfz 251/9.

Relative sizes of 1:56 Sdkfz 250/8 and BA-6 "Stummel"
The resin model is the BA-6.  I have mounted the gun (with some Blu-tack) in the location that enables the most room to serve the weapon. 

Gun mounts are miscasts from S&S models.  I got my hands on these almost eight years ago and they have been boxed since then.  Some serious work is needed to make them look OK!

The red areas approximate the location of armour plate shields with the horizontal lines showing the supports for a canvas tilt - well it would be depicted during winter and a tarp hides a multitude of sins!

Major von Hächtel would be peeping out next to the gun surveying the bleak terrain and wishing he was back home in Beimbach.

Is this workable?

Please excuse the messy nature of the 250.  It's dimensions are slightly "off" (look at that rear hull plate!) and that is why I shelved the project - it annoyed me

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