Saturday, 9 April 2011

Wochenbild #1

"Stellung Warwarowka" 1941/2
Each week I will post - from my collection - a photo that I feel is particularly interesting or atmospheric.  If a reader has additional information concerning any of the images, please feel free to share in the comments section or send me an email.  For anything pertinent, you will earn my thanks and a mention!

It should be noted that a great many of my photographs have notes on the reverse and often the writing is very hard to read.  Any errors are most probably mine -  apologies in advance!

The first picture is labelled "Stellung Warwarowka"  I have a nice series of images that were apparently taken in Winter 1941/2.  These show the fortified position (trenches excavated from the snow and ice) and the small settlement from various angles.  The heaviest weapon I have seen is an MG34 on tripod.  The soldiers in these photos sport a wide variety of improvised winter kit - from bedsheet "snowshirts" to looted civilian clothing.  However the majority are in military issue greatcoats.

I have tried to trace the village but have had no success with either the German spelling or when replacing the "w"s with "v"s.  Perhaps this was a now defunct Collective Farm (Kolkhoz)?  The architecture suggests Southern Russia or Ukraine but the name sounds rather Polish to me.

If anyone can help I would be interested to hear from you.

Note: Thank you Paul's Bods (see comments below) for the spelling correction and link to a thread in which the settlement is mentioned.  Perhaps the soldiers in my photographs are from 76.Infanterie Division! - Very interesting stuff!


  1. Lovely picture, says a lot without saying a lot.

  2. Thanks Angry - it is a nice one. There are quite a few in the set all pretty good.

  3. Russia ... Warwarowka is 93 km SW of Kharkov
    Real english spelling Varvarovka, Belgorodskaya Russia
    There seems to be two villages with the same name, one could be a Kolchosa

  4. Thanks Paul - I have left a message there in case the original poster is still interested.

    Regards M

  5. My uncle, according to his official death notification, was killed in action at a place identified as Warwarowka, Bratojabowka (German spelling). He was conscripted into the German Army and had recently been moved to that location from Italy. From the pictures I have, he appears to have been assigned to an anti aircraft MG. I would really be interested in seeing more of your photographs.

  6. I guess I should have mentioned the date of his death was 13 December 1943

  7. Hello Dale, apologies for the horrible delay in responding. Somehow the notification was sent to a spam filter!

    Anyway, I will be happy to dig up the photos I have in the region but in a couple of months as I am in the middle of another move of home.