Monday, 22 April 2013

Back to the (Ost)front!

After an indecent hiatus, I decided it was time to resuscitate my wargaming project and create a force from the myriad items I have in the WWII crates.

I have decided to use the rather popular "Bolt Action" rules by Warlord Games.  The decision was based on their widespread use and the fact I got a brand new copy of the rulebook for £12 on Amazon!

The plan is to create a 1000pt army from parts I have to hand.  This will avoid further spending on models and give my force a more realistic feel.  No "rules lawyerism" here, just 1000pts of grim Landsers trying to fend off Ivan with whatever they have available!

The 1943/45 force will be assembled in two 500pt chunks.  The first will be on foot featuring understrength squads and support.  The second will be mechanised and sport armour and higher command (Major von Hächtel and his unique Hanomag!)

Hopefully this will spur me on to get an army finished before the New Year!