Friday, 15 April 2011

British Armoured Car in the East?

The mystery vehicle speeding along a very dusty road.
This morning I was looking at some documentaries and chanced upon a snippet of film showing what appears to be a British armoured car in German use.

The commentary concerned a Panzer Division's advance into Russia during 1941 but the clip left me unconvinced.  The dusty setting could  be Eastern European but I am less sure of the stone road marker and style of telegraph poles (perhaps more likely to be North African?) - they may prove to be valuable clues!

The car looks to be a big brother of the Daimler scout - was there such a vehicle?  However, I am no expert on British wartime materiel, so I cannot be sure.  I hope one of my readers can be more specific.

Obviously the footage could have been taken just about anywhere as the makers of documentaries are notoriously sloppy when it comes to using "suitable" images!  That said, it is no secret that an enormous amount of "beute" kit was employed in the East - even vehicles that one would think were not worth the effort - considering the logistics problems.

Sadly, there were no other vehicles in the clip that could be used to determine the setting.  It is a task for Columbo if ever there was one.

Hopefully, someone can cast some light on the vehicle (even the unit?) pictured.

Note: Using the ever-dubious Wikipedia, the mudguards on this vehicle look similar to those on the "Humber".  However the roof looks different, I remain mystified.  


  1. I was thinking it might be a Humber Scout Car

  2. I think it is a Panhard 178 with the turret removed.