Monday, 11 April 2011

Building Fortifications Winter 1942/43

Another very interesting excerpt from "Die Deutsche Wochenschau"  This time the film shows troops constructing a defensive position in the snow.  Plenty of inspiration for those wishing to model such strongpoints.

The use of the sled to quickly position the MG is noteworthy as is the continued use of the 3.7cm PaK (It could be a Russian 45mm - I didn't study too carefully)  Some nice shots of the T34/76C also.

All in all a useful film.


  1. I like the way they dig out the MG position, cover it with lumps of snow and then hang a dark sheet of material over the front!!!!!! Not really obvious eh? They all look pretty well equiped, definately a propaganda film. The noises seem dubbed as well, the one of the 88 shell hitting the ground for example...DONK!! :-D

  2. True the tarp made no sense whatsover.

    Additonally,the contrast between the latest style of winter uniform and the crummy ATG is marked.

    Very much a composite film!

  3. It is - looks like a model "A" with angular turret.