Friday, 1 April 2011

An Introduction

Clearing the snow - Warnarowka 1941/2
Firstly, please accept my warm welcome to Frontkämpfer.  The goal is to make this blog an enjoyable destination for anyone with an interest in the German military of the Second World War - particularly the Ostfront.

As with my other site it is my intention to present a variety of articles dealing with modelling, wargaming and general research.  In addition I will release some photos from my private archive for your perusal - all of which are (to the best of my knowledge) previously unpublished.  I hope they will prove interesting and inspiring to historians, model makers and wargamers alike.

For many young conscripts, the invasion of the Soviet Union started out as something of an adventure - but after months of marching and much brutal fighting came the realisation that this campaign was different to the those experienced previously.  The near Medieval conditions in much of the USSR played havoc with logistics, leading to shortages of everything from food to fuel.  Also, the Russian soldiers' stamina and the immensity of the Country led to a widespread feeling that the war would never end.  Amidst such miserable conditions the average Landser showed great resilience and ingenuity - combating enemy, weather and terrain.

When it became obvious that victory was impossible, the fighting spirit of the Ostheer remained largely intact.  Motivated by professionalism, training and in many cases desperation - to protect their families from the Red Army - the troops kept on fighting until the bitter end.

At Frontkämpfer you will find the focus is not on political commentary or Grand Strategy.  Instead I will attempt to show via photographs, movies and models, the faces of ordinary men adapting to extraordinary conditions.

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