Friday, 8 April 2011

"Kampfgruppe von Retzbach" - the components

The basis of my force- plus T34 "scenery"
After the serendipitous rediscovery of my 20mm World War Two collection, I have decided that some of these kits will be used to model the nascent Kampfgruppe.  My (still ongoing) parts inventory has revealed a variety of vehicles, from Panzer IIIs to E25s!  This force may well have a winter 1942/3 theme as the frantic battles fought by HGS and HGM are of great interest to me.  Also, I really like skirt-less gray Panzer IIIs and these were not as common by late 1943!

When deciding to step down to 20mm (1:72 / 1:76) I was a little concerned about the availability of hard plastic or metal "cold-weather" infantry figures.  I had forgotten completely the two packs of Chiltern Miniatures' winter clad troops that I obtained at "Colours  2009".  These chaps are large but will "do the job" nicely.  I am not sure if they are still available following Chiltern's sale of metal ranges to SHQ.  If you are interested, I recommend calling the latter - hopefully they will have improved their service since my last dealings with them 3 years back!

Chiltern Winter Infantry.
Anyway, the top picture shows the basics of the force led by the redoubtable "Rittmeister von Retzbach"  To start with there will be minimal armour support.  I am still drifting between StuGs and Panzers.  The fact that I have both in the stockpile doesn't make the decision any easier.

The commander will ride in an Airfix Kübelwagen backed up by two Armourfast SPWs containing the infantry.  Then comes the armour - either StuGs or Panzers.  In order to keep the project achievable, that's the extent of my planning thus far.  I will try to resist the temptation to let it grow!

Ironically, if I go for 42/43 as the setting - my smart little chap in the Panzer III N turret and his shoulders become moot as he is wearing an M43 cap - Murphy's Law strikes again...

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  1. I'm going for early 42/43 but in the other direction.