Sunday, 5 June 2011

Wochenbild #9

Ex-Soviet bunker - Kholm 1941.
For a change this picture has perfectly legible details on the reverse!  The legend is simple: "Bunker, Kholm".  So it shows a bunker in or near to the city of Kholm in North/Central Russia.  The attire of the soldier suggest Summer/Autumn 1941.  

Within six months the city and ad-hoc garrison were encircled during the first major Soviet offensive of the campaign.  The defence, led by General Scherer is an epic story of suffering, desperation and heroism.  The story of the "pocket" is told in an excellent photo-book: "The Indomitable Defenders of Kholm" well worth purchasing if you find it around.

The details of the bunker's construction are apparent from the shot and it would make a nice little modelling project.  "Logs" from garden canes would be a good start...

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  1. That would be a Fantastic modelling project indeed!