Monday, 13 June 2011

Wochenbild #10

Catching up with the news.
A little later than usual - I am sorry but real life got in the way!

Today for your delectation we have four Luftwaffe men and their 20mm (?) FlaK.  I purchased the photo from a dealer who had clearly split up a LW veteran's album.  Some of the photos were taken in the East - others on training/garrison duties on the "Heimatfront"  This picture has a barely legible pencil note on the reverse.  The legend appears to read:  "Stellung Morfecvem"

Although sold as an "Ostfront" photo, I think this has been mis-labelled.  The uniforms are clean and tidy - not something normally seen during Russian winter.  The troops are reading pristine newspapers and their hair is neatly clipped.  Thus I suspect that this photo was taken taken in or around the "bricklayers' village" of Mörfelden (near Franfurt am Main)  What they are guarding is a mystery, although there was a prison in the vicinity.

Still, a nice clear photo.

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