Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Wochenbild #11

Medical wagons somewhere in Russia.
It's been another week fraught with difficulties so the postings have slowed quite a bit.  In the pipeline I have the improvised Panzerjäger and a rather nice recon vehicle based on an historical "what-if".  I am also being side-tracked by a "Weird War" idea that meshes with these projects...

Anyway, number eleven in my series is a rather forlorn scene.  No details on the reverse but the content is self-explanatory.  Medical care was often rough and ready in the East and the dearth of antibiotics in wartime Germany certainly made infection even more deadly.  To be incapacitated in an horse-drawn ambulance or cart might sound scary but the alternative was probably a slow death in the field or worse still capture by the Soviets!

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