Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Munitionspanzerjäger 38(t) - Progress

The plating is intentionally imperfect.
I decided to strike whilst enthusiasm was high and time available.  Having cut the shields from "30 thou" plastic-sheet* - I decided they looked too tidy for a scrapyard vehicle.  

Inspiration struck in the form of some Tamiya StuG III schürzen.  Amazingly the front skirt was of almost identical proportions to the forward part of my template.  I have therefore trimmed a couple of these and rotated them into place.  The cut-outs used to hang them on the StuG have been kept in-situ.  Now the vehicle has a more "rough and ready" look.  

The Ultimate Soldier tank hull has had the MG removed - a blank will be fitted to cover the hole.  Additionally the loose glacis plate has been repositioned and super-glued into place.

I think I will secure this "plating" with epoxy putty.  That way I will not have it springing loose at an inopportune moment.  Once securely in place I will add some welding-detail and other bits and pieces including a large wooden ammo locker.

As for the KwK F34(r) - taken from a Hobby Boss T34 - the mount will have (for game purposes) a very limited traverse.  Looking at the aperture and pivot, I would estimate this is no more than a total of 20 degrees (probably less)

To my eyes the project is looking promising. 

*30 thou is over-scale but the thinnest sheet with the required strength.

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