Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I.R. Großdeutschland in action - Winter 1941

I was browsing YouTube the other day and found this footage. In characteristic propaganda style the troops are depicted as advancing through the mud and snow en-route to ultimate victory.  In reality the average Landser had by now realised just how ill-prepared they were for a Russian winter.

Nevertheless, the troops storming (most probably staged) the Kolkhoz display a nice mixture of dress and the terrain shows that an authentic battlefield can be achieved with a couple of Isbas and a copse or two.  If you happen to have a few dozen barrels to spare this is the scenario for you!

The footage of the mine disposal is, in my opinion, authentic as the soldier handles the landmines very gingerly!

Incidentally, later this week I am going to touch upon the problem of depicting winter 1941/2 in 28mm.  There is a dearth of correctly attired figures but I think I have hit upon a solution.

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