Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Winterkampf 1943: Witebsk (?)

Regular readers will be aware of my fascination with the hard fighting of 1943/4. Although by this stage of the war Germany was on the strategic defensive, well planned operations could still achieve success against the Red Army.

Had GröFaZ not insisted upon defending all territories and instead granted a degree of freedom to his commanders, I feel the Soviet Steamroller could yet have been halted even post-Kursk!

This film has a fair mix of footage (some Ferdinand shots clearly not from winter 1943/4) Of special note are the armoured "Maultier" truck supposedly serving with mountain troops and a PaK43 firing a shot or two.!

Modelers and terrain builders should note the trenches: they are both shallow and narrow! Painters should find the grubby and unkempt appearance of the troops into account.


  1. Great video, was that a field kitchen in the back of the truck?

  2. Yes it looks to be the trusty "GaK" !