Friday, 6 May 2011

The Return of the Stummel™

Off-setting the gun works aesthetically.
Due to popular demand the Panzerspähwagen BA(F) 203(r) "Stummel" is back from the dead.  This historical "what-if" generated so much enthusiasm it would be unfair to just consign it to the trash heap!

I haven't done much so far but the idea is taking shape.  I fiddled around with some pieces of cereal box card during an episode of the awful "Sex and the City" and found the best solution.

The shields are high and the vehicle will be rather ungainly, this is something I like, as it is not a work of art - rather a utilitarian field-mod.  I have tacked the basic plates onto the hull and need only sand them to the right angles.  This will be done when I smooth out the (still to be filled) faults on the FoA casting.

The small size of the BA-3/6 is going to dictate a three man crew - two on the L24 howitzer and a driver.  The MG port will be covered as this area will be used as storage for the shells etc.

I think it is going to work out OK and the planned tarpaulin will hide the fact that the hull is solid.  More as I get it!

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