Monday, 2 May 2011

Inspirational oddball Jagdpanzer

After realising my Artizan figures were just too large for the proposed BA-6 "Stummel" - I started thinking laterally.  My options are simple, either shelve this attractive conversion or buy some smaller figures.  As I find the idea of converting this model pretty interesting, the latter is the logical choice.

Westwind "true" 25mm Germans.
When it comes to true 25mm figures the only ones I can think of are the venerable "Berlin or Bust" range from Westwind Productions - this is a company that caused me a whole lot of trouble last year so a third party seller such as Maelstrom would be the sensible choice.  Some of these models are great, others suck - but they are the solution if I wish to use diminutive 1:56 models!

Casting around for an alternative stummel,  I found a weird Jagdpanzer.  The site at which I found the photo, wrongly described it as a Panzer IV mounting a PaK 40.  However the gun shield clearly indicates that the weapon is a PaK 38 (5,0cm)

Field converted Jagdpanzer IV mit PaK 38!
Now why you remove a turret with a 7,5cm piece and mount a lower calibre weapon is unclear.  Perhaps the turret was damaged beyond repair?  Alternatively perhaps this was a Munitionspanzer that changed role.  I doubt we will ever know.

Either way it is a very interesting creature and shows, yet again, that almost anything goes even during the mid-war* period.

In my "bits box" I have a discarded Solido Panzer IV hull and a Russian 7,6cm gun.  Perhaps Major von Hächtel would prefer this to the "stummel"?  That way his men could remain Artizan and his mount would still be unusual...

More discussion about this vehicle can be found at:

It is argued, quite convincingly, that this is a bridge-layer converted to a panzer-jäger.

*Many odd conversions are seen during the "Endkampf" but it is clear that the Heer (and Waffen SS) modified vehicles throughout the war.  The uniforms of the troops in this grainy picture suggest winter 1941/2 or at a push 1942/3.   


  1. What a great find - goes to show the genius that can emerge in extremis.

    I really your blog, and am now following.

  2. You had problems with Westwind too? What happened? I was looking at some of their Arthurian range to fit in with my Gripping Beast collection. Is it miscast problems or something else?

  3. Hello Nemesis - long time no hear!

    Quick summary:

    I made two orders with them when they had a half price offer going. When I placed the orders I was told there would be a "couple of week's wait" fair enough. They debited my card the same day.

    After 2 months+ nothing showed up. Then after a lot of chasing one of the two orders arrived. When I asked where the other was I was told it hadn't been cast yet. I cancelled #2 at that stage.

    Just shoddy Customer Service. Odd as the people seem very nice on the phone.

  4. I have ordered from West Wind several times and have had nothing but good service, with timely deliveries to Australia.