Thursday, 5 May 2011

Imagineering: Panzerjäger T-70 743(r)

Artillerie Schlepper T70 & PaK40
Regular readers will be aware that I wish my 1943/44 "Mini-Kampfgruppe" to sport a couple of unusual vehicles.  Originally, I was thinking of converting a BA-3/6 armoured car but after a great deal of thought, I reckon this is simply impractical.  Thus, I have spent a great deal of time this week thinking of an alternative.

The component parts.
Like most of us I have - to the disgust of my Wife - a large collection of unmade models and left-over parts stashed around the family home.  When starting a new project (or resuscitating an old one) I like to delve into this stockpile and see what I can use.  Invariably I find things I have  forgotten about and as such the process is always enjoyable.

After shelving the "Stummel" idea I had a second dip and found an unassembled JTFM T-70 bought a couple of years back.  Digging deeper unearthed a couple of PaK 40s (one Artizan & one unknown)  This haul got me thinking...

Improvised R35 Panzerjäger.
During WW2 many captured tanks (and even armoured cars) were stripped of their turrets and pressed into service as "Schleppers" or tractors.  Used to tow various ordnance they were a cheap (partial) solution to the military's horrendous equipment short-fall.  There is much photographic evidence of once towed weapons being field-mounted upon their prime-movers.  A great many weird and wonderful vehicles can be tracked (ho ho) down if you trawl period media.

Another strange field-mod.
As the T70 was used to tow the PaK 40, I see no reason why an improvised Panzerjäger would not have been made.  The chassis is certainly capable of handling the weight and firing stresses - so why not!  Also, having the requisite parts to hand helped me decide - minimal extra outlay is required!  So to cut to the chase, I will be starting to build such a model over the next few days.  

Any comments or suggestions are most welcome - please feel free to post them below.


  1. It sounds good and practical, awaiting updates.

  2. Historically accurate and a free licence to modify and scratchbuild - sounds like a great match!