Wednesday, 18 February 2015

An old project returns...

The monstrosity from the front.
Way back in 2011 I posted my plans for an improvised tank killer on an old 38(t) chassis.  Following a move of house it was boxed and retired.

Recent reading has kindled my interest in the Royal Hungarian Army.  Often belittled, these troops fought bravely against the Red Army (and others) for nearly four years.  Their equipment was in short supply and what they had was often second-rate.  However they fought right until the end of the war, the final stages spent defending what little of their Country was unoccupied and then retreating West.

Now, the "Honvedseg" was equipped with domestic and foreign AFVs.  In 1942 a good number of Panzers 38(t) were provided by Germany.  The Magyars had a distinct lack of anti-tank capability and thus are prime candidates for using my "Frankenstein" vehicle.    Cobbled together from an old tank chassis and a salvaged F34 cannon sourced from a T34/76, the vehicle will lend some much needed "punch" to my nascent "Honved" platoon.

Side elevation.
I am intending to use various Warlord plastic sets for the infantry (Soviet Winter and German - both Early and late) converting as needed.  I will be using a few Woodbine M16 "WW1 Turkish" heads to add a bit of variety.  These helmets were in use for the duration of the conflict (by Germany also!)  In addition I will be sculpting the odd moustache.  I find the easiest way to do this is with heavily thinned "Squadron Green Putty" as my usual epoxy never adheres.

WIP commader - he ain't got no time for the monkey business.
The commander (Szazados Frigyes Higany) is nearly finished and tank needs some bits added (Not least the foul-weather tarp) but this may be added to the spray queue soon!

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