Friday, 26 July 2013

The benefits of scale creep - 1:76 workshop

As my last posting shows, I am toying with Bolt Action as a good system to use for fun and fast games.  I reckon I could even coerce my kids into playing with me.

However, I don't fancy laying out a few hundred plus pounds on armies for them!  I have decided to "do" Bolt Action in 15mm - problem solved.

As always my preferred setting is the late '42 - early '44 period. Inspired by an old newsreel showing the relief of Kowel in early 44, I started thinking of terrain.  Light industrial was the decision but I started to wince at the thought of fiddling about in 1:100 rather than my usual 28mm / 1:48.

I wanted a small factory and chanced upon the local "Modelzone" and it's bankruptcy sale.  This is where I found the above.  Not cheap at £11 but well cast, sturdy and just right to go with the Hovels ruined chimney I have picked up.

For your delectation a few snaps showing a (supposedly 1:100) Battlefront Grenadier posing next to the resin cast Airfix 1:76 "European Ruined Workshop". I think you will agree it is pretty near spot-on in size and it sports plenty of firing angles and cover positions.  Detail is very good and as can be seen this is present on interior surfaces also.  There is an etched brass fret for the window frames.

On the downside, there are some bubbles (two) and the walls are thick.  The former easily filled, the latter no bad thing on a games table.

There are a lot of other nominally 1:76 buildings in the series and all are on sale at Modelzone for about 75% retail price.

If your nerve can hold, wait a few weeks and I am sure they will reduce the price even further.

All I have to add is a nicely detailed baseboard and I have a generic setting for myriad skirmishes.