Sunday, 19 May 2013

Bolt Action: Armies of Germany.

I bought this supplement for Bolt Action as I had decided the ruleset was eminently usable.  Sadly, I must say the contents do not quite match the high standard of presentation.

I am fully aware that as an "expert" I am bound to be overly picky but some inaccuracies really grated.  For instance, the rules state that the early war Waffen SS was better equipped than the late.  Pure nonsense as the SS-VT had to beg borrow and steal equipment.  This resulted in use of Czech firearms, WW1 helmets and even Spanish armoured cars!  Only later on did the W-SS start to receive first rate kit in preference to other formations.

In addition, I understand that the rules are meant to complement Warlord Games' miniatures. However does thus really justify the vehicle omissions?  It seems stats are provided for WG models and if they don't produce it - tough.  This reminds me of a GW codex requiring you to use approved models only.

Thus said, there is nothing the book that cannot be easily corrected but the fact remains that corrections are required.