Sunday, 4 January 2015

"New StuGs for old!"

I don't like Christmas.  Faux festive cheer, crusty celebrities and depressing decorations...

Amazing little books - beautifully produced.

That said, this year the lady wife gifted me two fantastic books by ADH to add to the library!  The thin but fact filled tomes detail StuGs from " Bagration to Berlin".  Full of informative text, photos and colour profiles - they are a boon to the enthusiast.

I have long been of the opinion that almost anything goes when it comes to StuGs and perusing the images shows myriad variations.

Now, about ten years ago I bought one of Tamiya's 1:48 StuG III B kits.  Great kit but it got worked on, boxed and shelved.  Two house moves and three children later it was an abandoned project.  Then these books gave me an idea, resurrect the beast and produce an Endkampf oddity.  To my amazement I found most of the bits in the attic - not the hatch, this will be made from plastic sheet.

Epoxy concrete armour and sight aperture.
As can be seen, the project is nowhere near completion.  However the beast is taking shape.  Concrete armour, heavy stowage and fender damage is in place.  Hatches, running gear, armament (aluminium StuK 40 in topfblende) and a bit more clutter to add.

Rear view showing stowage etc.
A commander will be peering out of the hatch trying to spot the rapidly approaching "Ivans".

This project has cost me very little* and feels like a freebie!  This makes it even more appealing.

*Yes I paid for the kit but after a decade it doesn't count!

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