Thursday, 1 August 2013

StuG im Schlamm!

Presently, I am on holiday in North Wales.  As it rains a good deal and I have three children to mind at night - I took along some modelling supplies as a diversion.

The current project is Bolt Action 15mm and I decided on a 1:100 StuG.  Having found some (long forgotten) Battlefront resins when I moved last week, I chose one of these as the Beastie to work on.

Only after a long hiatus and viewed next to PSCs plastic versions, have I realised just how horrible the model is.  Hardly a straight line and so many inaccuracies - ho hum.

I have made a scenic base from Milliput surrounding a steel "repair plate".  The plate is in there to make the thing usable with magnetic storage - an obsession of mine.  Added to the base is a dead Ivan (Peter Pig?), a goodly amount of texture and (intentionally messy) tank tracks.  The sides have been sanded to make the construct more "base-like"!

I am trying to decide on the mantlet.  The topfblende may be too late for this spring '44 baby but it is my preferred option at the moment.  Time will tell.

Commander is going to be in a privately "acquired" hooded jacket.  The base figure is an old beret wearing bod I found - he may be from Skytrex.

More to do tonight, now off to a castle or three. :-) 

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