Sunday, 25 August 2013

Hiccups in 15mm...

Readers will be aware I have embarked upon the creation of a 15mm "Kowel 1944" themed army for the Bolt Action rules system.  This is due mainly to space constraints as I have a lot of 28mm figures lurking about.  That said, the relatively low cost is also very appealing to a cheapskate such as myself.

Anyway, I had been working on a rediscovered StuG III G and things were going well.  However I had niggling doubts concerning the cast cupola armour.  This started production in late '43 but try as I might I could find no photos or film of thus protected vehicles in spring '44.  It bothered me...

Salvation came in the form of Battlefront's plastic StuGs, one of which is being reverse engineered to late '43 spec.  More of this process in the future.

I had a rare burst of enthusiasm yesterday and got the required SPW assembled.  These are from the PSC kits and are rather nice.  Although I think some reinforcement of the front wheels will be needed as they appear fragile.

The next stage is to add foul-weather canopies to the 251s, sculpt some limbs and sort out detail on the StuG.  With a bit of luck the holiday weekend will allow this.

As can be seen in the photo below, I have found a LeIG and some mortars that, when added to the Infanterie, will bring me up to the desired 1000pts.  I am determined to complete this project, although the pull of the Renaissance is getting stronger.

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