Friday, 2 August 2013

StuG im Schlamm #2

Another evening spent on this creature.

Added stowage comprising: oil drum, cast box, jerry can and two pieces of wine cork covered with a "greenstuff/Milliput" tarp.  The drum was drilled and pinned into the chassis to act as an anchor for the other bits.

I didn't like the over thick hatch cover, so made one from a disc of styrene sheet.  MG guard was reshaped and trimmed.

Spare track links and gun/mantlet had been taken from a PSC sprue.  The end of the barrel drilled and joins filled with liquid Squadron putty.

Various details to be added tonight. Plus the figure sculpting...  I may well fabricate some schürzen from plastic sheet.

I am fairly happy considering the mediocre nature of the Battlefront model.  Apologies for poor photos, a dingy room coupled with a Nexus phone camera doesn't equal good pictures!

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