Saturday, 7 February 2015

Part 1a: Panzerbefehlswagen 740 (r)

After taking a pause, it became glaringly obvious that the aerial had to go.  The T26 kit is an absolute dog but I couldn't justify the over-scale antenna by such reasoning!  After all, I am attempting to make something good!

Toothpick is a spacer until the epoxy dries.
I prised off the already glued aerial (amazing how resilient super glue is when you don't want it to be!) and removed the tree-trunk supports.  I have made a new frame from thin brass rod and need to visit my local (unfriendly) model shop for some appropriately sized styrene rod.

Other bits of stowage have been added along with an unditching log.  Still to come is some gap filling and the "soft" stowage.  Both achieved with a mixture of epoxy putties.  Also, I have a bit of chain that will look quite good when artfully draped.

Now, time for a coffee and bath...

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